AC Maintenance Tips To Beat the Heat

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It is that time of year when the sun is scorching, and we need the cool comfort of our air conditioners. Essential components of an air conditioner, such as filters, coils, and fins, need to be regularly maintained for the unit to provide efficient cooling during the summer. Neglecting maintenance causes a steep decline in overall cooling efficiency while steadily increasing energy consumption. Our air conditioning repair and maintenance services in Leesburg, VA ensure that your unit delivers optimal cooling at ideal temperatures while maintaining longevity.

Here are some practical tips to ensure that your AC provides maximum cooling performance even during those harsh summer months, without worrying about hefty electricity or repair bills.

Air filters need to be cleaned thoroughly

Air filters serve as the most critical constituents of your air conditioning unit, as they contribute directly to its cooling efficiency. Clogged, filthy filters reduce the amount of airflow and reduce the overall cooling effectiveness. Airflow obstruction also results in increased energy consumption. Replacing a dirty, obstructed filter with a clean one improves overall cooling, as the unobstructed flow increases cooling spread. 

At KD mechanical, we provide an entire range of AC maintenance and repair services to ensure that your air filters are thoroughly cleaned, maintained, or replaced to provide superior cooling.

Air conditioning coils need to be regularly serviced

AC evaporator and condenser coils collect a lot of dust throughout their operation, leading to several long-term problems. These include reduced airflow and insulation of coils that significantly reduce the capacity to absorb heat effectively. It is advised that coils are cleaned and serviced at least once a year. 

The AC maintenance services provided at KD mechanical include thorough cleaning and removal of unwanted dust and debris from vital components such as condensers, heating/cooling coils, and evaporators.

Leakages are a bane

Leakages result in lowering cooling propensity while increasing energy consumption. Extended usage in such a condition can even result in regular breakdowns leading to major inconveniences. 

Our expert technicians at KD mechanical are proficient at fixing all leakage-related problems, using equipment like leak detectors and tools for a convenient drip-free cooling experience.

Coil fins need to be cleaned and straightened

Traditional AC coil fins are made out of aluminum and can be easily bent, and this leads to airflow blockage. These fins need to be inspected regularly to check for bending, and proactively straightened. 

KD Mechanical’s AC maintenance and repair services remove the headache of dismantling your AC and its components to straighten your coil fins. Our licensed HVAC professionals know the drill and are equipped with the necessary tools to straighten fins, replace filters or filter out contaminants.

Check the coolant lines

An air conditioner typically consists of a number of refrigerant tubes that run from the evaporator present on the air handler to the condenser on the outside. These are generally covered with foam coolant line insulation. These critical areas need to be inspected regularly for fraying or small cuts. If we find these cuts, we can replace them with new foam insulation sleeves or systematically wrap them with foam insulation tape.

At KD mechanical, our experienced technicians inspect your units for leakages, cuts, and frays along critical coolant lines to ensure maximum cooling efficiency.

Why Choose KD Mechanical AC Maintenance and Repair Services?

With over 50 combined years of experience, KD Mechanical has been at the forefront of providing exemplary AC repair and maintenance services in Leesburg, VA, and Purcellville, VA. Our dedicated HVAC professionals ensure your AC unit’s cooling effectiveness, longevity, and efficiency. We provide the entire range of AC maintenance and repair services, from thorough tune-ups to deep cleaning and comprehensive repairs.

Give KD Mechanical a call today to schedule your next AC service in Leesburg, Purcellville, and the surrounding areas!

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