Considerations With IT/LAN Cooling

What’s involved in information technology HVAC designs?

It’s a question we know a lot about. As a top company in the Loudoun County, Virginia area and throughout Northern Virginia, we’ve been involved in outfitting some of the most innovative IT spaces, server rooms and LAN facilities around. Through that process, we have built on our existing knowledge of industry guidelines and compliance standards, along with figuring out how best to support our customers as they work on practical building and facility concerns of this kind.

Assessing Hardware

Part of the job of providing IT/LAN HVAC solutions is looking at the BTUs coming from different kinds of hardware. Industry standards will evaluate how cooling deals with the heating offset from servers, data center components and more.

As the Internet and IT hardware setups became more powerful and complex, this part of the industry developed further. We provide excellent consulting for our customers on how to set up areas and how to make sure they have the right cooling capabilities for the job.

Compliance and Security

Another big part of our job is knowing about the compliant standards from various agencies and industry stakeholders.

Along with that, there’s an emphasis on building security. When you hear about companies deploying server cages, that’s not usually for cooling – it’s for security purposes. It’s important that unauthorized access is prevented in complex server room and IT/LAN designs, because that can lead to a data breach or other attack.

Lights-Out Server Rooms

Then there are those facilities known as integrated lights-out server rooms that are a popular way to conserve energy.

The term lights-out refers to a server room that does not typically get human access. As such, it’s kept in the dark without physical access facilitated on a regular basis. The servers and data center wares are then used remotely. With the rise of colocation and cloud services, this type of build became commonplace.

That’s just some of what we do at KD Mechanical – all of the aspects that we’ve mentioned and more make these types of projects very specialized and complex. If you’re getting started with one of these types of IT/LAN setups for the first time, you’ll need a professional firm that understands the demands and the challenges, and knows the solutions. We work from the premise of overall project management to provide a framework for putting these systems in place and facilitating long-term success. It’s not like regular commercial or residential HVAC – it has its own standards and its own criteria. Talk to a company that knows how to get it done. 

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