Help Heating and Cooling, LLC Now Serving Fairfax Customers as KD Mechanical

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Don and Kelly of KD Mechanical are proud to announce the purchase of Help Heating and Cooling, LLC, which has served Fairfax and surrounding areas for several years. 

Now under new ownership, KD Mechanical’s team of professional and experienced technicians are proud to offer their services to Help Heating and Cooling, LLC’s customers and provide the same high level of quality and experienced service that customers are accustomed to. 

New Offerings and New Management

In the past, the company only offered residential services. However, thanks to new ownership and the desire to exceed customer expectations at every turn, you can now call on KD Mechanical (formerly Help Heating and Cooling LLC) for the following:

  • Installation of wireless thermostats
  • Ductless HVAC 
  • AC repair and service
  • AC installation
  • Heat pumps
  • Heating repair and service
  • Heating installation

These services and solutions are offered to both residential and commercial clients in Fairfax and surrounding areas. 

When to Call KD Mechanical

At KD Mechanical, we are proud to be here when you need us. No matter if you are experiencing an HVAC system breakdown in the middle of the night or are ready to upgrade to more energy-efficient systems – our team has you covered. 

We provide comprehensive solutions at fair prices and provide you with a customer satisfaction guarantee. We take pride in our work, and our technicians are here to help answer any questions you may have about services, equipment, warranties, and more. 

Inspections, Service, and Repairs

One of the main things you can do to maintain your HVAC system’s proper and efficient operation and components is to invest in regular professional inspections. Our team is here to help ensure any small issues with your system are found and repaired before they can turn into bigger and more expensive problems. 

With professional and experienced service technicians, you can feel confident that KD Mechanical technicians will optimize your system’s efficiency while making repairs, as needed. We can also let you know when it’s time to “throw in the towel” and invest in a new unit. 

Don’t Settle for Second-Rate Service

When you search for heating and cooling service and repairs in Fairfax and nearby areas, you will find more than a few companies vying for your attention. However, KD Mechanical stands out thanks to the company’s and team’s willingness to go the extra mile for each client served. You can feel confident that no matter when you call or what issue you are having, the technicians will arrive in a timely manner and provide the needed repair. Our goal is your comfort – all you have to do is call and schedule an inspection to learn more. 

Thanks to the recent purchase of Help Heating and Cooling, LLC, KD Mechanical can serve even more customers and help ensure their heating and cooling needs are met, regardless of the project’s time of year or complexity.

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