Taking Advantage Of New Technology

There’s a positive philosophy in this business that we think has been kind of slow to take hold.

In past years, people have thought of home systems as being fairly traditional – contractors and property owners had created a certain kind of consensus about how these property systems work, how to maintain them, and how to replace them if necessary.

But today, the technology world is changing at a rapid pace, and there’s no reason for home systems not to be included in that kind of innovation.

HVAC Changes

One thing we’ve seen lately is that there’s kind of a shift in focus for HVAC systems to a more programmable and sophisticated footprint.

The idea of “central air” as a modern convenience developed a few decades ago and became somewhat the norm at least for certain type of property. Residential ductwork was able to deliver both heated and cooled air in the same network, and component systems became an easy way to drive that air through a forced air system. Radiant systems started to seem a little old-fashioned, even though they definitely have their benefits from an air quality perspective.

In any case, what has started to emerge is the idea of “zone” heating and air conditioning – that instead of just continually churning air through an entire ductwork system, property owners can get more specific about reacting to the natural ambient temperatures of every room or space. Then there’s also the more granular control of thermostat systems. There’s a lot more we could say about this, but our technicians can talk about it with you in regard to your particular property when we’re on site.

Water Heaters

There’s been a lot of change in the world of water heaters, too.

Old-school contractors are in the business of big, heavy replacements. When anything goes wrong with one of these big tank monster water heaters, they have to drain the thing and haul it up the stairs, then bring in a new one and solder it up … and it’s done.

New innovation produces tankless water heaters that have their own pros and cons. Yes, there’s a different kind of energy draw and water supply for taking a shower, etc. but one of the biggest benefits is that these eliminate a lot of that heavy work that drives labor cost and makes it difficult to find companies who will replace a unit in an affordable way.

That’s a little bit about how new technology is changing industry. For comfort in your home and excellent customer service, call K.D. Mechanical. We’re here for you!

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