Three Reasons to Get a Biannual Inspection

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Every heating and cooling company works differently – that’s just the reality of it. We like to think that our superior business model is part of what attracts people to our services in the Leesburg and Fairfax/Loudon county areas.

So what might you say distinguishes us from the crowd?

One of our service types that provides additional value to customers is our biannual inspection package.

Here are three reasons why people might choose to go this route when maintaining HVAC systems at a property.

Two Seasonal Inspections Per Year

The biannual inspection package gives you two professional inspection visits each year. Many of our customers like to use one at the beginning of a heating or cooling system season, and the other at the end – in other words, if you have one visit in between winter and summer when you’re turning off your furnace and turning on your air conditioner, you prepare for that season, and your other visit occurs after you’ve turned off the air conditioner but before you start to use the furnace again.

The really symbiotic way that these visits work has to do with how we live in our properties over temperate seasons. HVAC equipment is really something that only gets used part of the year, and then gets use very heavily throughout the times of year when we all experience extreme temperatures.

So this kind of service plan really makes sense!

10% Off on Parts

The biannual inspection package also gives you 10% off on your HVAC system parts.

That really adds up, because there are so many parts in a furnace or HVAC system that can fail. Many of the service visits that require repair are just a case of swapping out a part or two, but then you have to pay for those parts as well as the labor. So this additional savings can be extremely helpful.

Priority Appointments

No matter what HVAC company you use, that company’s workforce can experience pressure over extreme hot or cold times of the year.

With that in mind, if you’re someone who doesn’t like to wait for a service call, the biannual inspection package can help, because it gives you a certain level of service priority.

Take a look at the webpage for more of what we do in the Leesburg area. We want to be part of helping you to get the most out of your property!

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