What Your HVAC Contractor Will Do for Your Heat Pump Repair Order

More American homeowners are installing heat pumps in their homes than ever before. As of 2020, there are about 18 million households that rely on heat pumps, which represents a 50% increase from back in 2015.

People have come to love heat pumps because they’re able to both heat and cool homes depending on what time of the year it is. They also love them because they’re more energy-efficient than traditional heating and cooling systems and can help them keep their energy bill problems under control.

You will, however, need to know how to handle heat pump repair if you have one in your home. It’ll put you in a position to repair a heat pump ASAP if the need should ever arise.

The simplest way to go about repairing heat pumps in Loudoun Country and Fairfax County, VA is by having an HVAC contractor on speed dial. They’ll be able to help repair heat pump damage at a moment’s notice.

Check out what an HVAC contractor will do when you put in a heat pump repair order below.

Help You Schedule a Heat Pump Repair Appointment Quickly

It can get to be both very hot and very cold at different times of the year in Loudoun County and Fairfax County, VA. Because of this, you aren’t going to be able to wait very long to make a heat pump repair when one has to be done.

An HVAC contractor will understand this and will work to schedule an appointment for heat pump repair as quickly as they can. You will be able to either book an appointment with them online or call them to make an appointment that way.

Whichever direction you decide to go in, an HVAC contractor should make it simple for you to get on their schedule. It’ll guarantee that you don’t have to live without your home’s heat pump for too long.

Take a Trip Out to Your Home to Repair a Heat Pump Right Away

If your heat pump conks out on you in the middle of the summer or winter, you aren’t going to be able to survive in your house for very long without having heat pump repair done. It’s going to make it extremely uncomfortable in your home, and it could potentially even put you into a risky situation in terms of your health.

For this reason, an HVAC contractor won’t schedule you for an appointment three weeks from now. Instead, they’ll respond to your request for an appointment by trying to set you up with either same-day or at least next-day heat pump service.

The quicker that an HVAC contractor is able to visit your home to provide heat pump repair, the quicker you can get things back to normal inside your house.

Inspect Your Heat Pump to See What the Problem Seems to Be

Any number of things could be wrong with your heat pump when it isn’t working like it’s supposed to. For example, it might be running too often without heating or cooling your home, or it might be blowing air that is too hot or too cold based on the season.

Whatever the case may be, an HVAC contractor will begin trying to diagnose the main issue with your heat pump as soon as they arrive at your home. They’ll inspect your heat pump from top to bottom to find the problem with it and let you know what’s going on with your heat pump so that you can go from there.

In some cases, there might be a very simple fix that will breathe life back into your heat pump. But you might also need to replace some of the more important parts in your heat pump or even consider getting a whole new heat pump altogether. An HVAC contractor can let you know where your heat pump stands at the moment so that you can decide what to do next.

Provide You With a Quick Quote for Heat Pump Repair

No matter what might be wrong with your home’s heat pump, there is likely going to be a cost that will come along with fixing it. But an HVAC contractor won’t know what it’s going to cost until they’re able to get to the bottom of what’s going on with your heat pump.

Once they do this, they can turn around and provide you with a quick quote for what heat pump repair is going to cost you. It’ll allow you to make a smart decision as far as what you want to do next when it comes to repairing a heat pump.

You might be more than willing to spend whatever it will take to get your heat pump back up and running again. But you might also want to compare what repairing a heat pump will cost versus replacing it to see if repairing it still makes financial sense.

Work On Repairing a Heat Pump for You

If you’re OK with the quote that you receive from an HVAC contractor, you can give them the go-ahead to begin heat pump repair. As long as they have the necessary parts to complete a heat pump repair for you, they should be able to do it within just a couple of hours at most.

An HVAC contractor will work on taking out the part in your heat pump that isn’t working so that they can replace it. They’ll also work on inspecting the inside of your heat pump further to see if there might be any other concerns with it.

An HVAC contractor’s job will be to get everything inside your heat pump squared away so that you can start using it again without having to worry about it not working as intended.

Test a Heat Pump to Make Sure It’s Working

After an HVAC contractor is finished with a heat pump repair, they’ll put everything in your heat pump back together and close it up. They’ll then ask you to turn your heat pump on so that they can test it out to make sure it’s working.

In a perfect world, your heat pump will turn right on and start heating or cooling your home in no time at all. But just in case that isn’t what happens, it’ll be good for an HVAC contractor to stick around so that they can investigate your heat pump problems further.

They might have to take your heat pump apart again to see what the issue with it seems to be. They’ll make it their mission to get your heat pump working prior to leaving your house for good.

Suggest Other Heat Pump Repairs You May Want to Consider

While performing heat pump repair, an HVAC contractor may come across other existing issues with your heat pump. They might also spot things that could potentially turn into problems down the line with regard to your heat pump.

You might want to take care of these issues right now so that you don’t have to revisit them in the future. But if nothing else, an HVAC contractor will put them on your radar so that you’re aware of them as you move forward.

This will give you an opportunity to call an HVAC contractor back later to have them do more work on your heat pump. You won’t need to be too worried about more unexpected issues with your heat pump popping up out of nowhere and forcing you to do more emergency heat pump repairs.

Recommend Potentially Replacing a Heat Pump

Your home’s heat pump isn’t going to last forever. Most homeowners will get somewhere between 10 and 15 years out of their heat pumps before they need to be replaced.

With this in mind, there is a chance that your heat pump might be on its last legs when an HVAC contractor arrives to work on it for you. If they tell you that this is the case, it could be reason enough to go ahead and have them replace it for you rather than you dumping a bunch of money into having it repaired.

At the very least, you’ll want to take their recommendation and file it away so that you can start preparing to replace your home’s heat pump in the not-too-distant future. You can have heat pump repair done now and then plan to replace your heat pump once you’re in a better financial position to do it.

Speak With You About Heat Pump Maintenance

Although most heat pumps are going to begin to give out on you after 10 or 15 years, you might be able to extend the lifespan of a heat pump by taking the right steps when it comes to maintaining it. There is all kinds of heat pump maintenance you can do to make a heat pump last longer than it would otherwise.

For instance, you can work to maintain a heat pump by:

  • Clearing away any debris that lands near the portion of a heat pump that is situated outside your home
  • Check the air filter in a heat pump on a regular basis and replace it as necessary
  • Make sure the coils in a heat pump don’t get too dirty

You might also want to arrange to have an HVAC contractor come back out to your home every so often to perform heat pump maintenance. They can help you avoid the need for frequent heat pump repair by showing you how to keep your heat pump humming along.

Schedule Future Heat Pump Service

Unfortunately, it’s not all that uncommon for homeowners to forget to take on heat pump maintenance. People get so busy throughout the course of their lives that this maintenance sometimes takes a backseat to other things.

To avoid forgetting to do heat pump service routinely, you should talk to an HVAC contractor about setting up future heat pump maintenance. You can actually arrange to have biannual inspections done on your heat pump or any other kind of heating and cooling system.

The best HVAC contractors will have scheduling systems set up that will allow you to automatically make appointments with them once or twice each year. It’ll ensure that you don’t forget to make heat pump maintenance appointments that will keep your heat pump in excellent shape.

Let You Know About Any Available HVAC Specials

Just before leaving your home following heat pump repair, an HVAC contractor can let you know about any specials they might be running at the time. You might want to take advantage of them now or plan to use one to your advantage in the near future.

These specials will enable you to take better care of your heat pump. They’ll also cover things like water heaters, humidifiers, thermostats, and more. You might be able to get access to some great deals on other HVAC services that you either need now or will need sometime soon.

Let Us Repair a Heat Pump for You Today

Is your heat pump struggling to keep up with your home’s heating or cooling needs? We hope that you’ll think long and hard about getting in touch with us so that you can have heat pump repair done ASAP.

We can come out to your home right away to repair a heat pump for you fast. We’ll also work diligently to keep your heat pump repair costs to a minimum while making sure the job gets done right.

Contact us now for additional information on the heat pump maintenance and repair services we can provide.

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